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2007-01-07* Evgeni skates at exhibition at Russian Nationals today, program - his new SP "Soldiers".

2007-11-19* Well apparently the divorce is still going on...onto more positive news...- The spies reported seing Evgeni Plushenko at practices and him being in excellent form. Read more...

2007-11-03* Evgeni is 25 years today! Congratulations!!!

2007-11-02* Plush did an interview, he said that he won't compete this season. He said that he probably will be at Russian Nationals but not competing, I'm guessing like last year when he did just the exhibition. He said that he will compete the next season.

2007-10-19* News of Oct

Meanwhile there's still a chance, that Evgeni Plushenko will gladden Russian audience in "local" ice. After talking with his trainer Alexei Mishin, the president of the RFSF Valentin Pissiev reported that Zhenia would very much like to compete at the Russian championship in St. Petersburg on January 4th-8th where it will take place also the selection for the European championships. However, if healthy does not allow this, then Evgeni is ready to wait until the upcoming season. Read more...

2007-09-18* Evgeni Plushenko will not compete at the ISU Grand Prix stage in Moscow, at the best he will be ready for the Russian Nationals in Petersburg on January. Read more...
2007-09-14* Summary of Mishin's interview...

He says that Plushenko is doing well, that he is doing jumps now doubles and triples. That right now, there is no pain and that he sees that Evgeni really wants to get back on shape. He does not know for sure when he will be back. Mishin is asked if maybe for Nationals since there will take place in Petersburg. Mishin says that maybe Plushenko will do Nationals, he says that Plushenko is skating well and that right now he is doing some shows (I guess he meant the Korea ones) and that when he comes back they will start training even harder.
Finally he says "You want to watch? Then come. We have no secrets for you".

2007-09-12* Evgeni Plushenko does not want to quit figure skating nor politics.

The figure skating Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko is going to combine politics and sports. About this Plushenko, who is a deputy on the legislative assembly of St.-Petersburg, informed journalists on Wednesday before the first session of the city parliament after summer vacations.

"I have started trainings. I had a surgery on the summer. Now I'm training doubles and triples jumps and I will prepare new programs. Right now I don't want to quit neither amateur figure skating, nor the legislative assembly ", Plushenko said.

2007-08-27* Evgeni is releasing a book called (if the translation is the correct)...

Another show

Books comes out on September 3rd.
It's 192 pages with 16 picture-pages, costs 157 roubles and they are doing a first printing of 30 000 copies.

Plush will present the book on September 5th on the International Book Fair (I'm guessing Moscow?), and he'll do a radio show.
He will participate the show on the 15th in Korea. He will enter Korea on the 13th, by the flight which will arrive at 11: 10 a.m.


2007-08-22* Some news... news.mail.ru/society/1408844/
It says that Plushenko's sister Elena will have twins this September, so Evgeni is all happy to have two new nieces/nephews soon and it's flooding Elena with toys.

Here it says that Plush will do the 07/08 season (I guess they are talking about the Euros/Worlds)

2007-08-21* Plushenko will skip this season?

According to «SportKom», the figure skating Olympic champion Evgeni Plushenko will probably skip this season.

According to the figure skater coach Alexei Mishin, there had been some complications as a result of Plushenko's recent knee surgery. The trainer has not gone into details about this but just added that "from the knee that was operated, it starting to grow some bone". Probably, for this reason, the Olympic Champion missed some exhibitions performances in Hungary and has refused to participate in the project of the First channel «Stars on an ice».
Well it's not really surprising, I mean we know Plushenko has competed with a lot a LOT of pain for years and usually a show with pain is not problem for him, so when he decided to cancel the shows in Hungary, it did seemed obvious this time it was very serious.
We'll wait to see if Mishin will say more about this.

- It says that Plushenko may need another surgery on the meniscus due complications from his first surgery.
- Ari says right now Plushenko is in Germany and there is a big chance he may need another surgery on the knee. Says that after the surgery Evgeni felt great and he wanted to train right away, and because of overworking there were some problems.
- As for the competitive season, Ari said that there are some problems but they are being solved now and the important thing is that Evgeni is still very disposed to train and he will do so in September and it's very likely he'll compete by January.
- The producers of DOI2 have said that they won't disclosed information about Evgeni's health and that everyone will find out about him later.
- The tden.ru article mentions a legal problem with DOI2 that the DOI2 wants Evgeni to pay them because he has withdrawn from the project but Evgeni is saying that the reason he is not doing it it's because he can't skate at all.
- Evgeni says that what happened with his knee is that he started training, and as a result there was some bone growing and his foot got very swollen. So he left for Munich where the doctors decided what to do. He's had an injection so far and if in a couple of days that does not work, then he'll need surgery. Doctors had forbidden him to skate or walk and he is getting constants massages.


2007-08-16* Zhenya is not coming to Hungary. Something bad has happened with his knee but even IceVision is reluctant to release any information (they say they do not know the details). There will be a press conference on it on Wednesday the 22nd so I suppose we just have to wait.

What’s all set is that TT/MM are coming to Budapest to replace Zhenya at the Syma Hall and Julia Sebestyen will also perform in that show. The other two shows are cancelled altogether.
In summary it says that Plushenko's knee is hurting again which is why his participation in "Dancing on Ice" is in doubt.

2007-07-19It will be the third stage of Cup of Russia (local) to be held in Kazan on November 12th where Plushenko will first compete – says Ari Zakarian in this article.

It is also said that his trainings are planned to commence on August 15th where he is going to join the Mishin camp in Jaca.
It's Ari saying one more that Plush will start training in August 15th that right now he is doing physical rehab in St. Petersburg and that if everyhting goes to plan, he'll do:
- Cup of Russia in Khazan
- ISU Cup of Russia in Moscow
- Russian Natioanals
- Europeans Championship in Zagreb
- Worlds Championships in Gothenburg

And Ari remind everyone that Evgeni is coming back this season in order to see if he can keep going and do a "good work" at Olys 2010, Ari said that for Evgeni "good work" means only winning.


MOSCOW -- Olympic figure skating champion Evgeni Plushenko had surgery on his knees Thursday, putting a question mark over his planned comeback after a year off from the sport. Plushenko, regarded as the most gifted skater of his generation, has not competed since winning the men's title at the Turin Olympics in February 2006.  Read more...

2007-07-01* News of July

Plush will have his surgery on July 11th in Germany. He has said though that IF everything works well and can compete, he wants to clear up that he has said he is coming back so far JUST for this season, he won't promise at all he'll stay after that. - He says that the final divorce papers should come out any day now; but (as we know now) his relationship with Maria is better and now he can see Egor with no problems as well as his grandparents.

2007-06-08 * Evgeni Plushenko became the Winner of the Premium "The Russian National Olympus" and the owner of the Honourable Title "Superstar". On June, 7, 2007 the Olympic champion will be solemnly decorated with the honourable award "For honour and valour" for service to the Russian people, and also the Gold Radiant Star for the historical contribution to development of domestic and world figure skating.

2007-06-01* News of June

Plushenko's wife [well, officially they are still married...I think] has brought legal action against his mum,  read more...

Evgeni will get surgery next month.

- I will come back for sure to amateur sport, Plushenko said. All the time that I've been doing shows, I had time to miss the feelings that you have when you are competing. But the true is that there is one problem: I recently had a tomogram done and I was told that it's necessary to have surgery on my knee. The meniscus has detached itslef. Therefore in July, after I come back from Guatemala, where I'll go to support Sochi during the selections for the country of Olympics 2014, I will get surgery. But I hope that everything will turn out fine and that in August I will be ready to start trainings, and in autumn I will return to amateurs. In November, Russia will host a GP event and that will be where I'll begin.

2007-05-31* Evgeni receives national honor.

Evgeni Plushenko has been awarded the Supreme decoration of his country, "For the revival of Russia, XXI century. According to the decision by the Russian Public commission, Plushenko was recommended for the decoration "for the oustanding merits, which promote to the strengthening of economic power, greatness and prosperity of Russia". The decoration holder "For revival of Russia XXI century" receives the gold award, which was made on Moscow Mint, the bill of the decoration holder, the certificate of the decoration holder and the logo of competition -- figurine "PILAR".

2007-05-21*  The Olympic champion of Turin figure skater Evgeni Plushenko who has decided, after a one year break, to return to amateur sports, has said that he will present his new programs in autumn to the spectators.

- My first start in the season will be the fifth stage of the Grand prix "Cup of Russia" - 24-years old Evgeni shares the plans. – the competition will take place in Moscow in the end of November. I hope, my programs will like both spectators and judges who, certainly, will judge me with all strictness.

Evgeni Plushenko will compete in Cup of Russia on November, 22-25nd,

Plushenko wrote a letter to the RFSF adressed to Valentin Pissiev regarding his plans for the next season, and the RSFS has released this letter to the public


“Dear Valentin Nikolaevich,

In reply to your letter (ref. N161-VP) of 26.04.2007 I inform you that in the 2007/2008 season I plan to take part in one of the stages of the Cup of Russia, and also in the stage of the ISU Grand prix "Cup of Russia". My participation in other competitions will depend on my physical condition and my sports form.

Yours faithfully,
E .V. Plushenko "
For the people wondering why Evgeni mentions Cup of Russia twice and counts it as two events is because in Russia there is a series of regionals events called Cup of Russia (think of it as a Russian Grand Prix series); and the other is the ISU "Cup of Russia" that has international skaters.

Plush on the 04/05 season did one of the Cup of Russia events in Samara where he did Godfather for the first time and then went on to do the ISU "Cup of Russia"

The Cup of Russia events are
- Samara on September, 24-28th
- Perm on October, 15-19th
- Kazan on November, 12-16th
- Moscow on December, 4-7th
- Tver on February, 19-22th.

The ISU "Cup of Russia" is in Moscow on November, 22-25nd.

It's very likely Plushenko will do Samara again.

2007-05-01* News of May


2007-04-20* Evgeni named most stylish sportsman.

Evgeni Plushenko was recognized as the most stylish sportsman of the year in at a "Fashion Awards" ceremony.

2007-04-10* Evgeni returning to competition!
Olympic gold medalist Evgeni Plushenko has seen enough after taking one season off.
Evgeni said Tuesday he is returning to competitive skating after he took a year off after the Turin Games.
In an interview with the Associated Press in Richmond, Va., today, where Evgeni begins the touring season with Champions On Ice, he said he was disappointed by the Russian men's showing in international events this year, including finishing 18th and 19th at last month's World championships.

Plushenko is concerned Russia could lose at least one or even two of the maximum three Olympic spots if there isn't a quick turnaround.
"After seeing the results of Russian skaters in the world championships in Tokyo, I have decided to go back to competition," said Plushenko. "I want to keep Russian figure skating at a competitive level. I want to bridge the gap so our young skaters have time to train and be competitive, which should be in a few years.

Evgeni also plans to compete at the Vancouver Olympics, something he mentioned he might try after winning at Turin.
"I feel strongly that I can be competitive and ready for the 2010 Olympics," Evgeni said. "I am doing triple Axels in my show programs on the Russian tour and landing quads in my practice sessions.
He expects to skate in Grand Prix competitions, as well as the European and World championships.

Plushenko has battled knee injuries through the years, but the season off from competition has him feeling healthy.

2007-04-01* News of April


2007-03-26*  Famous figure skater will very soon start working on a memoirs book.

- I am, of course, a very young person but I believe that there is a lot to tell about me. I will really hope that based on my personal experience, I will show all the begginers athletes, what's the big price you have to pay to achieve big results.

Besides the sports side of the book, there will be also the true story about Plushenko's personal life, which he added has not always gone smoothly.

- I've finally understood what it's worth living for, and that is my son. I am very proud that I have a child, he is the biggest achievement of my life!

2007-03-26* Alexei Mishin, trainer of the Olympic champion of figure skating Evgeni Plushenko has informed that his pupil who missed this season, will start trainings in autumn.

"Evgeni is seriously disposed to continue his amateur career. We'll start trainings in autumn after summer vacations, it will be very difficult for him to come back. As the Olympic Champion Maria Kiselyova said 'to go through all this again is a feat'".

Evgeni Plushenko:
- I will soon approach new responsibilities. I will concentrate all my efforts on three basic issues: sport, youth and tourism.

- Will you retire from figure skating?
- I'm young and I'm confident I'll be able to manage with everything.

Evgeni Plushenko who has arrived on Wednesday to Murmansk with his show "The Gold ice of the Stradivarus", has confirmed at the press conference that he wants to come back to amateur figure skating.

"I cannot give you something concrete, I can't say: yes, it's accurate, that I will come back. But I want to. I want to try my strenght in amateur sports" have said Plushenko.

The figure skater has noticed, that this will be difficult since he has missed a season "To return, it would be very difficult. If I make it, it will be a serious thing since it will be necessary to start all over again and, ten times more" has noted Plushenko.

He has emphasized, that in case he returns to amateur sport, he will fight for first palace "Of course it's necessary to come back and to be not just on the top 10, but to fight only for the first place" the sportsman has noticed.

"Second place, is a loss for me. I have got used to be the leader and have got used to protect our country with just the first place" emphasized the titled figure skater, who he has gold from the 2006 Olympics and three World Championships.

2007-03-01* News of March

* Plushenko's wife hide his son from...

* Plushenko talks for the first time about the true reasons of the divorce.

* Plushenko will return his last name to his son.


2007-03-01* Plushenko will make a comeback next season after taking a year off from competition, his coach Alexei Mishin said. "Evgeni has decided to resume his amateur skating career," Mishin told a news conference at the national cup event in Tver. Many felt Plushenko would retire following his gold-medal performance in Turin where he outclassed the opposition to win the only title he was missing from his sporting resume. "I think he was missing that competitive spirit, the drive," Mishin said. "I think he feels quite capable of regaining the top rankings he has held for so many years." Mishin did not say whether Plushenko intended to carry on until the 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver.
Source: Eurosport

2006-11-04* No Plush this season:(

2006-11-03* Evgeni is 24 years today! Congratulations!!!

2006-08-31* NEW WEBADDRESS: www.artistonice.com

2006-06-15* It's a boy! Evgeni and Maria Plushenko are the proud parents of a baby boy named Kristian (changed to Egor) Evgenivich Plushenko. Evgeni, the Olympic Gold medalist, was with Maria when their son was born in St. Petersburg, Russia. Evgeni said their son is healthy and Maria is doing well. The baby weighed 7.7 pounds (3.5 kg) and is 21 inches (54 cm) long. The baby was born just three days short of the first anniversary, June 18, 2005, when Maria and Evgeni were married in St. Petersburg. Maria and Evgeni have requested further information not be released until they make a public announcement later this summer on Evgeni’s Web site.- “The past two months I worried about my wife and looked forward to the birth of our baby,” Evgeni said. Evgeni has been skating with the Champions On Ice Tour and has visited with Maria in St. Petersburg during each break.The COI Tour, on a week break, resumes with two shows in Chicago on June 24. Evgeni is scheduled to be in Chicago and continue performing throughout the remainder of the Olympic tour.
The Official Site

2006-02-24* Exhibition took place today and Evgeni skated his short program with Edvin Marton's violin music played "Tosca" live. He was doing all the difficult jumps easy, a 3 toeloop-3 toeloop-2 toeloop combination, triple axel and a triple lutz! Then an encore with music of Luciano Pavarotti with "Caruso", he did another triple axel. In an interwiev on Eurosport he seemed to be still undecided about a participation at the World Championships.

2006-02-16* Flawless Plushenko wins GOLD! He performed a pulsating free skate to win the men's title. The crowd went crazy: La Plush!!! Plushy!!! Evgeni!!! Plushen-go!!! The overwhelming favourite let a huge sigh of relief and kissed the ice as he outclassed world champion Stephane Lambiel by a huge margin of 27.12 points. He opened with a quadruple toe loop-triple toe-double loop combination, followed with a triple axel-double toe, and it was over right there. He was far too good for the rest of this field, finishing with a score of 167.67 points in the free skate and a personal best of 258.33. The rest could forget about gold because this is figure skating at it's very best. And the music from the "Godfather" is apt - because that is just what he is: the Godfather of Figure Skating.

"Now I have all the titles and I'm really very happy, said Plushenko. I love skating, I love winning, it's my life." Read more...

2006-02-14* Evgeni with 2nd starting position, skated his foes into the ice with a new personal best (and his old worldrecord) short programme of 90.66 points on Tuesday to take a nearly inusurmountable lead into Thursday's free skate finale. He skated to Puccini's Tosca. He is already 10.66 points ahead of the second placed skater Johnny Weir! He landed all jumps easy, the 4 toeloop - 3 toeloop combination followed by the 3 axel and 3 lutz. Detailed result page: http://www.nbcolympics.com/results/1501423/detail.html

"Today I showed the best results of this season. I'm very happy I showed the best result in the Olympic Games," Plushenko said abruptly before bargain in to the dressing room. Punching the air in delight, Plushenko skated off blowing kisses to his fans, knowing his rivals would have to come up with something special to surpass him. No one came close.

2006-02-12* Evgeni arrived to Torino to the Olympic Games. Read: There is really only one real star in the Olympic sleet...

2006-01-22* Today the Gala took place and Evgeni skated to his old but great "Sexbomb" number. His next competition are the Olympic Games where the short program is on Feb. 14 and the free skate on Feb. 16.

2006-01-21* Plushenko battles illness and performed an electrifying free skate to grab his fifth European title and make it Russian clean sweep together with Irina Slutskaya, Tatiana Totmianina & Maxim Marinin and Tatiana Navka & Roman Kostomarov. They once again, win all four events at these European Championships. It gaves Russia a 10th men's title in 12 years.
"- It was hard in warmups today, because everybody was screaming, it was hard, but I did it. I want to say thanks for them [the crowd], they was with me and it helps for sure". I skated pretty good today but after the third minute I was completely dead, I'm still not well, I felt like a fish out of water as I couldn't breathe. It was the hardest championships of my life".

Plushenko collapsed to the ice exhausted after he had shrygged off his illness woes a flawless display to retain his crown ahead of worldchampion Lambiel & 2004 gold medallist Brian Joubert.

2006-01-20* Today Evgeni skated the European Championships in Lyon, France and finished 1st in the short program with the points 82.80. He skated to "Tosca". His participation was in doubt when he was laid low in flu earlier this week. "- I'm happy because I was really sick and I was able to skate quite well in spite of that, says Plushenko who is targeting a fifth continental title. It was a bit hard to skate, to breathe. I'm still coughing badly. I was on intravenous fluids for three days and it's thanks to my doctor who got me back on my feet that I'm here". Punching the air in delight, Plushenko skated off the arena blowing kisses to his fans and knowing that Joubert would have to come up with something special to surpass him.

Joubert vs/Plushenko

Joubert, who had accused Plushenko of playing mind games earlier this week with his threat to withdraw from the championships ended up as 2nd & Stephane Lambiel on 3rd place. Lambiel said: " - It's important that Evgeni is here so that you have someone to go up against". Tomorrow is the freeskate.

2005-12-30* Evgeni skated at the exhibition of the Russian Nationals to the music of "Town which doesn't excist".

2005-12-29* Evgeni won the Russian National for the 7th time! His free skate was to "Godfather".

2005-12-27* Yesterday started the Russian Nationals in Kazan. Evgeni finished 1st in the short program.

2005-11-26* Evgeni won Cup of Russia! He skated to "Godfather" in the free skate today. He earned a score of 154.60 for the free skate and 241.80 overall. Source: King On Ice

2005-11-25* Evgeni won the short program at Grand Prix competition "Cup of Russia". He skated brilliant to his new program "Tosca". He set up a new record of 87.20 points and is in lead with 8.85 points to second placed skater Stephane Lambiel. Source: King On Ice

2005-11-25* Evgeni will skate today at the Grand Prix competition "Cup of Russia" in St. Petersburg. The short program will start at 21:00 (Russia time). Source: King On Ice

2005-11-13* Today - Evgeni at the ARD Gala in Mannheim/Germany where he skated two numbers, his new short program to Tosca and Godfather. The ARD Gala will be shown as a "best of" program on November 19, around 15:00 pm, ARD. For more report from Petra go to King On Ice

2005-11-03* Evgeni is 23 years today! Congratulations!!!

2005-10-31* Evgeni skated his first competition this season from Oct. 26-27 in Moscow which was called "Crystal Skate". He did pretty good there and won the competition. Evgeni landed in practice all kind of jumps including quads. In competition he showed his new short program where the music is apparently "Once upon a time in Mexico". He did a 4 toeloop (but not clean), 2 axel and a combination of 3 lutz-2 toeloop. The marks were given in 6.0 system and they were for his short program :
5.5 5.5 5.5 5.1 5.2 5.2 5.2
5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7 5.7

In the free skate he skated to his last season program "Godfather" and it is not clear yet if he will have a new free skate or a "modified" Godfather program. He did a two footed quad and 3axel, 3axel-2toeloop, 3lutz-3toeloop, 3lutz (maybe more jumps the report didn't give more info) and his marks were:

5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.8 5.7 5.8
5.8 5.8 5.8 5.9 5.8 5.9 5.9

Evgeni said after the free skate: “Yes, today I did, well, for myself maybe, too much. Because everything was successful and I didn’t expect it. It’s the first competitions and I unexpectedly did everything. I did a quad, two triple axels, two triple lutzes and the rest. That is, to my mind, today I skated very decently”.

Evgeni's next performances will be at the ARD Gala in Mannheim/Germany, Nov 12 and his next competition will be the Grand Prix event, Cup of Russia" and will be held in St. Petersburg, Nov. 24-27. Source:
King On Ice

2005-09-25* Evgeni skated yesterday the program "Godfather" at the "Gran Galą Lancia Ice" show in Torino/Italy.

2005-09-18* Evgeni will be at the "ARD Gala" on November 12 in Mannheim/Germany. Read more at King On Ice

2005-09-12* Evgeni will be "gueststar" at the "Gran Galą Lancia Ice" show in Torino/Italy on September 24. The Skating show will be on TV on Eurosport, Sept. 28th. Source: King On Ice

2005-08-22* Evgeni participated in a skating show during the "Spartakus Cup of hockey" in Moscow along with Irina Slutskaya among others. He skated to "Godfather". Source: King On Ice

2005-08-12* Evgeni is practicing now in his summer trainingscamp in Jaca/Spain. He also have a new choeographer, Nikolai Morozow, who is famous working with Alexei Yagudin before. Read interwiew with him...

Evgeni's next competition will be in Japan on October 1st and it's called "Japan International Challenge". There will be just one free skate, and others participants are Jeffrey Buttle and Johnny Weir. Source: King On Ice

2005-06-26* Evgeni was in Japan from 25-26 and skated at the show "Dreams on Ice", he did Sex Bomb. Some pictures...

2005-06-23* Another article of the wedding. More pictures of the wedding , many thanks to Petra for borrowing of this material! King On Ice

2005-06-19* Evgeni married yesterday in St. Petersburg his girlfriend Maria Ermak. She is a 20 years old student. The wedding was organized traditionally. Evgeni and Maria spent the last night before ceremony separately, in the morning Evgeni "ransomed" his bride from her girlfriends. At 2:20 PM the procession arrived at Wedding Palace on English Embankment. There were many famous people among the guests: His coach Alexei Mishin and agent Ari Zacaryan, figure skater Viktor Petrenko, hockey player Alexander Yudin. Ice acrobat Alexei Polishchuck was Evgeni's "best man". During the ceremony they both were very serious. Evgeni was concentrating, Maria was smiling rarely.

At 3:09 they were announced husband and wife. Maria took Evgeni's last name. The newlyweds got a gift from the Palace - a pair of skates, which were made from white flowers, and the topics were decorated by diamonds, and Evgeni got a certificate of merit from the city, which says "Saint-Petersburg loves you and is proud of you!" Then the procession had a trip around St.Petersburg, visited Vasil' yevsky Island, the Monument of Peter the Great, Summer Garden and Mars Field. After that they had a banquet at the hotel "Astoria". On Sunday the celebrations were continued on a steamship. The newlyweds had a trip on rivers and canals of Saint-Petersburg. In few days Evgeni will be going to Japan to take part in a show called "Dreams on Ice", and after that he and Maria is going to have a short honeymoon trip. Read more..article from King On Ice , Article (in russian), more pictures (not of the wedding) Source: King On Ice

2005-06-03* On June 2-3 Evgeni participated in a show in St.Petersburg. He skated to three numbers. 1st: He skated to a song of the Russian singer Nikolai Baskov "Sharmanka" , 2nd: A different performance of Sex Bomb where Elena Bereznaya and Irina Slutskaya play a part in it as cleaning women. 3rd: He did a number with a crutch, playing an injured athlete who recovers at the end. Obviously he is doing great...you can read and see pics at: King On Ice

2005-05-17* At King On Ice you can read that Evgeni had started to train. Evgeni's coach Alexei Mishin has also stated that Evgeni will marry his girlfriend Maria on June 18 :( read more... you could also read that even though Evgeni is getting married he wants to let his fans know that his love and consideration for his fans do not change and the figure skating and the fans still occupy the first and most important place in his life and career. About Zhenyas wedding Mishin says:- All I can say is that marriages are arranged in heaven. Ask the fiance and the fiancee for details. Source: King On Ice

2005-05-05* Evgeni is back from vacation and began to train cautiously. GREAT news!!! - from King On Ice .

2005-04-06* Last week Evgeni was in Munich/Germany for treatment for his groin injury. Both left and right of his groins where treated. He will begin to train at the beginning of May again. See article from King On Ice , which have more to read.

2005-03-24* Now it's final that Evgeni won't perform at the Champions On Ice, he is gonna rest and take care of his injury. Evgeni sent a letter to all figure skating fans and news what happens next. See article ( I think it was so good so I wanted it here too). Source: King On Ice

2005-03-20* Today the Exhibition took place in Moscow, I'm sure we all missed our Plushenko! But in Moscow they showed on the screens a clip of Evgeni while Edvin Marton plays "Godfather" with the violin. It is also most likely that Evgeni does not go on Champions On Ice tour. It's not decided yet, first they have to find out the exact state of his injury. See article. Source: King On Ice

2005-03-17* Sad news....A disappointing reigning World Champion Plushenko tells live from Eurosport this morning of his decision to withdraw on home ice in Moscow because of his injury, the pain was to high, he was unable to defend his title today. He had several injections before trainings and before the short program but he reacted bad to this and it made him feel sick. "I want to say for my fans right now I'm really sorry. I will definitely try to come back next season, and I'm looking forward to Olympic Games next year and be healthy". I think he did a right decision, his health is most important and we all now he come back, "the old" Evgeni we are used to see. Three unexpected took medals this year, (such things can happen when Plushenko is out of competition;) the Gold medal went to Stephane Lambiel, he is a great skater, also one of my favourites, my other favourite Johnny Weir was 4th, and our Swedish Kristoffer B. ended at 14th place, very well done! But I had never seen a competition like this, everyone did several mistakes and falls...the ice was bad. Evgeni...take some rest now and take care of your injurys, we love you!!! I Love You!

2005-03-15* Evgeni only finished 3rd after the short program with 73.28 points. Skating to his program "Moonlight Sonata". The reason is that he fell on the quad and he lost to many points by it. His score is now 111.26 overall. First is Stephane Lambiel who did a strong program as well as Brian Joubert who is second. That means that Evgeni needs to gain 7.02 points more in the free skate then the others to win. Wich is possible since he could get often 20-30 points more overall than the second placed skater but this time it could be difficult since he is not in very good health. He had been back on the ice for only two weeks and he is in a bad, bad condition because of his groin injury and hip, " besides his ordinary knee and back problem " , so it could be difficult. He is a strong fighter and since the competition is in Russia he wants to skate anyway, and win of course, and we hope for the best, even if he don't win, we know he is the CHAMPION!!! But we hold our thumbs. The free program is on Thursday. Our Swedish skater Kristoffer Berntsson ended at number 13, which is good for him. But my heart is in Russia;) Parts of this news is from : King On Ice

2005-03-14* Today VM in Moscow begins. Petra mailed me this morning and told me that Evgeni has a groin injury and maybe he won't skate, but as she said, he is strong, and he skated! So the men qualification is now over and Evgeni remained first with 151.90 points. The qualification points will count 25% of the score and Evgeni will go with 37.97 points to the short program tomorrow. Evgeni - take care of your injury, and win tomorrow. Sweden hold their thumbs for you!!! Source: King On Ice

2005-03-12* From now on Petras King On Ice - site is the Official fan site! Wich means it's approved by Evgeni himself and you can rely on the information wich is posted there being correct and that she also able to get information from 1st sourse. Congrats Petra for your good work! Source: King On Ice.

2005-02-05-01* Evgeni is in Switzerland having shows at Art On Ice . He showed his program "Godfather" with Edvin Marton's live violin music. As a second program he skated to live music of the singer Seal.

2005-01-30* Today it was the Exhibition. Evgeni did his "Godfather" - program with live violin music by Edvin Marton. And then and old favourite "Sex Bomb" with Tom Jones. Brian Joubert did a lovely program too till "Lord of the Dance", but Evgeni is and will remain the KING ON ICE !

2005-01-27* Evgeni won the European Championships! He got his title back after loosing it in 2004. It is his fourth European title after 2000, 2001, 2003. He got 151.81 for the free skate & it was enough to win back the title with 227.14 points overall. He's program to "Godfather" was powerful and he did a incredible performance despite two mistakes. His circular footworks were absolutely marvellous and the audience was going mad during them. He had a standing ovation from the audience at the end of program. He said after: " I told to myself today, 'today I must fight'. At the short program as I was 2nd that was just some normal skating without fight so I needed to fight today, yes today I was a fighter on ice. I can fight, I like it and that's how I can win".

2005-01-26* Evgeni is in Torino/Italy at the European Championships and he finished 2nd in his short program with 75.33 points after Brian Joubert. Skating to the music "Moonlight Sonata", he looked very tired and he said: " I was a little tired and didn't feel comfortable. But everything will be ok for the free skating. It didn't work out today but I'm still in the competition ".

2005-01-07* Evgeni won his 6th Russian Nationals title! He recieved another four 6.0's for his performance.

2005-01-05* Evgeni skates and won the short program in the Russian Nationals in St.Petersburg.

2005-01-02* Evgeni does a comic number with Russian pop singer Glyukoza wich is called "It's love", in a New Year show on Russian tv.

2004-12-29* Evgeni skates to his new free skate "Godfather" & "Sex Bomb" again at the Ice gala 2004 in Bolzano/Italy.

2004-12-26* Evgeni skates in exhibition at the Irina Lobacheva/Ilia Averbukh show in Moscow , programs - "Moonlight Sonata" & "Sex Bomb".

2004-12-19* Exhibition today and he did the program from the last Word Championships!

2004-12-18* Evgeni won the Grand Prix Final for the 4th time....He won the free skate with a huge lead of 27.20 points to Jeffrey Buttle! His total score is 251.75 and he beated his record of 234.29. He has the current world record!

2004-12-17* Evgeni wins the short program with a new personal best ( and best ever) score of 84.35!

2004-12-16* Evgeni has arrived in Beijing/China at the Grand Prix Final and will compete.

2004-12-03* Evgeni skates and won the Marshalls World Cup of Figure Skating in the USA. A competition where the skaters only show one free skate under the old 6.0 system. He got three 6.0 for his performance of his program "Godfather". He got standing ovations from the audience!

2004-11-27* Evgeni wins the Grand Prix Cup of Russia! This was his first competition this season. He skated to his new program "Godfather" & had a new black costume with some red insert on the back of his hands and under the neck, symbolized blood. Music to the Short Program / Original Dance as of 2004/2005 season , "Moonlight Sonata" by L. v. Beethoven - performed by Viktor Zinchuk. Music to the Free Skating / Free Dance as of 2004/2005 season , "The Godfather" by Edvin Marton. He won with the full score 233.45.

2004-11-25* Evgeni arrives to Moskva for the Grand Prix Cup of Russia 26 & 27 nov.

2004-11-03* Evgeni is 22 years today! Congratulations!!!




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